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Spring Barrie Automotive Flee Market


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Burl’s Creek Automotive Flee Market


Over the years I have build or acquired a few RV models that I wanted to display in something other than the usual campground settings. These included: a diecast Greenline Winnebago travel trailer;

A Hess Training Van that I modified into a GMC Motorhome



An Open Road Camper on a Ram 1500 chassis


I recently picked up another display case that still had an empty shelf that need filling. With all the extras that come with a lifetime of model kit building I decided to do a diorama of a slice of the Barrie Automotive Flee Market which is held each spring and fall at Burl’s Creek, North of Barrie, Ontario.


This is from a recent show.

My diorama is limited by the 32”X18” space available in the display case. The Vendor spaces are 20’X30’.  In 1/25th scale, this allowed me to have three and a sliver lots plus a bit of roadway. The base is 1” Styrofoam with model railroad landscaping. Once the base was surveyed, I laid out the major models. The tent frames are welded coat hangers


Then it was time to infill the sites with various diecasts, kit parts and scratch built items. The tractor model is the Revell Porche 108 Junior kit. I also added about a dozen figures of both vendors and shoppers. They are a compendium of many kit figures modified to suitable poses .








And finally, an overview of the dio in its display case


A diorama is supposed to tell a story. Hopefully I have managed to do that with this project

Thanks for looking, questions and comments are always welcome


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Very cool! This is one of the neatest ideas for a diorama. A great opportunity to use a lot of random parts and accessories collected over the years. Stuff that is cool, but can never figure out where to use it.

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Having been to the Fall Meet in Hershey, the Hot Rod Nats in York, and many events at Carlisle, you have definitely nailed the flea market vibe! Of course if you decide to model Hershey you would need mud.............

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Very cool! I love the RV models, and the very unique diorama setting you used to display them. The very best dioramas, in my opinion, are the ones that showcase the everyday, often mundane, world around us. The common, yet unnoticed, scenes that tell the story of our typical lives. This serves that purpose, and does it well. 

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Thanks for all the kind words, Guys. The Barrie flee market is a slightly smaller version of Carlisle but without the "HILL". I've heard about the ducks swimming in the isles at Hershey and have seen the snow storm at Carlisle. Over the years I have found some model kit treasures at these events.

I couldn't leave well enough alone , so I added a few more things and did some rearranging. Here are a few fresh pics








I looking forward to a bit if retail therapy come early June in Barrie

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