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Autoquiz 543

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I hope that I do not blow a quiz up again. Here is the ne challenge. Please don't post the answer in my profile.

The rules for the Autoquiz and One-Off Build Quiz  are

  • No answers allow in the ongoing Auto quiz thread
  • No comments  in the ongoing Auto quiz thread that give any clues or suggestion to the car in question
  • A PM must be sent to the one who has started the ongoing thread 
  • The PM must contain Year of production, Manufacturer and Type
  • In case of violating the rules  the quiz will closed immediately and no winners will be announced

So please stick with the rules and don't ignore them. 

Auotquiz 543.jpg

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The answer on this quiz is BMW700 build from 1959 - 1965. This car saved BMW  in 1959 before taken over by Daimler-Benz. It was focused on people how wants a rear engined car that looks different compared to its main rival  the VW Beetle.


The correct answer were sent in by:









Earl Marischal




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