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BRBO Steveracer's Autocar Dump Build

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Here  is my entry.  Going to build it from the box and may add details.  Still to be determined.  Joining this fun because I need the pressure to get this done in a year - LOL.  Going to weather it, see how realistic I can make it look from the curb or construction site....

Box art.jpg


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OK, so I got a bit of a start with this kit this week.  I am in the midst of like 5 other projects, so this may take some time.  First thing I did was find some good reference that I would like to model after.  If it is ok to post these photos here, this is my inspiration.


Somewhere between these dirty and workhorses and cleaned up workhorses....









Also, a bit of progress....had to tape the chassis down during gluing to ensure it was as straight as possible.  All parts de burred and cleaned up as reasonable as possible.



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49 minutes ago, Oldmopars said:

I love this idea. If you need another dirty dump Autocar for inspiration, I did this one during the first part of covid.


Scott, will you quit posting photos of trucks that you see out there in the real world.  Sometimes it confuses me and think they are models....


5 days?  Really?  I can't even make up my mind in 5 days.

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Been a while as I was finishing my Beetle.  Here is an update.  I have decided to paint these two colors, plus the black for chassis.


That is an old dark metallic green for the cab and hood, gold for the fenders.

Here is my favorite matte or semi gloss black paint.  It was $1.99 from Lowes last year, and I have been through the first can which was a fantastic matte black.  I bought two more, and they are both semi gloss but still look and spray great.  By the way, the first can sprayed ALL THE WAY down to the end of the can.  None of the 2X stuff going on.... The other paints I got from Maynards for less than $2 each.  



A little more chassis work and priming the body parts after some clean up.  The upper windshield molding, on the passenger side is a bit wacked, so I had to sand and fiddle it a bit, otherwise the body is great right out of the box.  




The air horns were just flat front pieces.  I realize they could be positive ball shaped as a cover, or opened up negative.  I chose negative, they will be black inside later....IMG_4889.thumb.JPG.4a94810a608bb49dd46d017d81c07f3c.JPGIMG_4892.JPG.d54368313a52e9abdcc8387dca4c4402.JPG

And finally, I messed around with the skid plate, this truck has seen a bit of heavy duty use, so had to scrape it up....not fully satisfied with this, I think it needs some more help later....




That is all for now.  I somehow got invested in a few other kits as a diversion, that I wanted to build.  Doing the body work and paint first so that I can let them harden for a month or two on those models that get "fancy" paint jobs.  My next step is to paint the cab and hood so that can sit for a bit.  In the meantime I will be on the road, hopefully for a week and a few days. 

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