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1993 Mom n Pop's/Goodwrench resin Lumina

chris coller

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Alright fellow modelers and nascar lovers, this is a mock up of my Neil Bonnett Lumina. Still have a few things to add. Exhaust, speedway rails on the rear window, finish hood pins, and side windows and fix the bow tie on the hood


The body is one of resin cast as accurate as you will find 1993 Lumina bodies. Hope you like it




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The Terry Labonte kit is just a bit different than this body. In fact, the this body and the kit body aren't even close. The kit bumper sticks out past the fenders, this body is flush. The TV panel has been pulled out to replicate a 93 body. The quarters behind the wheels have been extended properly. Look closer

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19 hours ago, Johnny Canuck said:

Wow. Real nice. Did you cast this resin yourself? If not, can you share where it came from?

I mastered the body and have them cast for sale through myself. Price is $50 shipped lower 48

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