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Back in the Hobby, 67 Chevelle Build


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back in the hobby after 20+ years, starting building again 2 months ago 

*& really enjoying it. here is a 67 chevelle finished last week

has resin printed weld wheels & added the vinyl top


chevelle 67-1.jpg

chevelle 67-2.jpg

chevelle 67-3.jpg

chevelle 67-4.jpg

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34 minutes ago, Plowboy said:

That's a wicked looking Chevelle Bryan! I really like the wheels and tires on it! Did you print them yourself or purchase them?

no, purchased off ebay, but i am planning to get a resin printer

this hobby has progressed so much with all the awesome tamiya products,  and printing technology, etc...

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15 hours ago, TransAmMike said:

Very  nice work there Bryan. Great job on the vinyl top. Welcome to the forum.

thank you, i taped up the seams on top and sprayed them first, then used some thin evergreen strips around the bottom of the "vinyl "top

then sprayed it will krylon from about 12" away

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