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'62 Pontiac Catalina SD421


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I finished this a few days ago...it's the old AMT Pontiac Polyglass Gasser II kit. No clue why it's called a "Gasser" as there is nothing about this kit that qualifies it as such. As a Pontiac fan I always liked the big cars so just had to have one...in model form at least.

She's painted in DecoArt Extreme Sheen Deep Sapphire metallic craft paint over Createx Autoborne silver sealer. Clear is the Rustoleum Crystal Clear Acrylic Lacquer.  Interior is all hand brush painted with craft paints. The 3 tone color seats were a chore but I persisted and got it pretty good. The extensive detail on the real car dash was a chore for me to replicate and really did not come out very well.

In looking at a lot of reference pictures of these cars the stances varied but I always liked the slightly raised front look. The 8-lug wheels are not in this kit and for any "authorities" out there I know red lines were not available yet in 1962 but I just like how they look with the darker blue.

Anyway with all that being said, here are some pictures:

He it is in the silver Autoborne sealer. This stuff really goes on nice. 

















Well Folks, that's it and thanks for looking.








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Nice job! As far as the redlines, just say it is 1965 and on a new set of tires. I almost quit building models over one of these kits, so I commend you on successfully completing it!

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Thank you all for the replies and compliments. Yep, I just had to do the red-lines.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, the foiling went reasonably well except for around the "greenhouse" which was a .....well you know😀    It's a new sheet of  BMF Matte. It rubs out nicely with anything soft...looks like the chrome. It does seem a bit thin but boy didnit stick.

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I'm going to do redlines as well when I do my build. Looking good. I also ordered the 421 emblems for the front fenders in photo etch but disappointed in them as the photo etch company accidently produced 2 of the same side emblems. The passenger side and the driver's side are different on the real car. All these years of hoping for a source for 62 through 64 style 421 emblems and they messed up.

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Beautiful looking build. This was one of the best-looking Pontiacs of the time and the interiors were beautifully done. They can be a lot of work, but it looks like you did it justice. The dark blue color shows the body lines well and the chrome trim standout. GHot to have the 8-lug wheel/brake setup on Pontiacs from this time. 

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