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Light Box Lighting ?

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I built a home made light box since all my pictures turn out a bit underwhelming. I thought I would see what kind of tips I can get for good lighting.

It is just a 14X10 plastic bin with white cardboard on the inside. I thought about cutting a hole in the top and putting a light shining thru, maybe with some copy paper to defuse the light some.

From all the great pictures I see here I am fairly confidant you folks can give me some tips. 

Car photo is just with a light shining in from the front left ,( definitely tell that I need more light from the right front)




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I think a light box is more about diffusing the light rather than aiming the light . 

I'd recommend trying different colored poster board as a backdrop set up like a skate ramp  with diffused lights around it instead of a box . 


Here's a link to over 15 years worth of pic taking advice which includes light box construction . 


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There's a thread on workbench lighting that may give you some ideas too.

This is what I use for the bench, as well as the glamour shots. 100 watt equivalent LEDs in cheap salvage-store lamps.

Backgrounds are just poster board, as suggested above by randx0.

Works pretty good, huh?


Let`s see some Pro-Touring - Model Cars - Model Cars ...

Mickey Thompson's Challenger 1, 1959 press intro version ...


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