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Super bee 1969.

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A classic kit of a classic car. I like to build those old monogram kits. Tamiya metallic green clear coated with ts 13. All stock from the box. The only thing I would change would be the wheels and tires. Having used some of Fireball Modelworks wheel and tires for other projects, his stuff is first grade. Fun fact, a few days after I finished this model. I was taking a walk and while waiting for the light I saw  a real super bee same year and same color. That made my day. Seeing these is a rare event especially up here much less a car you modeled a few days before.

as always , thanks for looking.

dodge superbee 69 01.jpg

dodge superbee 69 02.jpg

dodge superbee 69 03.jpg

dodge superbee 69 04.jpg

dodge superbee 69 05.jpg

dodge superbee 69 06.jpg

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Great build! I totally agree on those Monogram kits. They may be big in 1/24 scale, but they are great kits to build.

Tamiya Metallic Green looks great on ALL those Mopars. Too bad that they don't offer darker shades of green aswell.

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