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This one has cropped up a couple of times elsewhere but it probably should have it's own section as it keeps working its way off the back burner.   This is kind of starting at the mid point in the build but I will go back to some earlier progress pictures that have been taken the show the process of getting here.  There is more than meets the eye as far as modifications go.

IMG_9133 (2).JPG

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Here is part of the back story on this one, different colors equal different kits, manufacturers and even different scales thrown in.  plus some scratch building and A/M pieces.  Getting a completely different engine from shown.  The color scheme is up in the air right now but the influence may not be drag racing.

IMG_9041 (1).JPG








IMG_9159 (2).JPG

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1 hour ago, Lee Yoder said:

How about Gulf colour scheme? Cross up sports cars and dragsters!



I was thinking Marlboro McLaren MP4-4 through MP4-8  White and Flouresent Red. Black lettering

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Final version of the paint scheme, Fluorescent Red over Pearl White  (a few decals still to go on), I have to put in the correct Donovan 417 in place of the kit 426, add a windscreen,  finish off the visible cockpit details and the parachute cord, release cable and push bar.  As this was designed as basically a styling exercise and curbside style model the detailing is not going to be extreme just what you can see with it sitting on the shelf.


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Posted (edited)

waiting to print the final decals, windscreen on and interior details pretty much finalized also this is the 417 in the car, casting my own valve covers just waiting for Mark Johnson breathers to finish them off.   Motor details and plumbing still to be added 



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