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Glosson C-O 4070A

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This is a project that I have been wanting to do for a long time now. I want to finish this one before the pusher truck.

In around 1971, Glosson Motor Lines of Lexington NC, purchased 162 Transtars. They purchased both C-O 4070A’s and C-O F4070A’s. This one will be a C-O 4070A. They later had quite a few C-O F4070B’s as well. I remember seeing a lot about of these on the road and even knew a driver of theirs. I’m starting with the new issue of this truck. I hope that this one doesn’t stall like my last project.😀

Here is an inspiration picture.


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2 hours ago, Mopar - D said:

Brian looks like a very interesting build for the International. I found this kit to go together very nicely and should keep your interest in finishing it. Are you going to go with a single axle?

Thanks Dan! Yes, this one will be single axle. Technically the kit is a C-O F4070A (F for full screw or tandem drive) C-O 4070A was a single axle. I like the bare bones business only look of the single axle cabover. 


3 hours ago, gotnitro? said:

Cool project  ! I see your delivery of squirrels arrived , they love getting builds sidetracked

Thanks Jeff! I’m wish that I could get some squirrel repellent. 😀

10 hours ago, TruckerAL said:

Definitely following along with this one, very cool! If you need any parts, let me know. Happy to help👍

Thanks so much for the generous offer!

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Cool project, it’s cool to see a bare bones work truck ( as much as I like rigs drooling with chrome, lol)


squirrel repellent is unheard of around here, best you can hope for is they attack your buddies bench more often than yours……..haha…..

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6 hours ago, vincen47 said:

Keeping the 8v71n or swapping it out? Either way it’ll be a good project. Looking forward to watching it come together.

Thanks Vince! I’m pretty sure that these trucks had NH 230 Cummins in them, so I am going with a Cummins.

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