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Schneider CO-4070A

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After a bad 2021 I thought I would start 2022 out with new IH CO-4070A kit .I’m going with an old Schneider truck , I shortened the frame, dechromed the stacks ,air intake and the front bumper I bobbed it as well .

I added a alternator grille from Thomas .




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Thanks guys for comments . 
Jim I cut out 1 9/16  of frame.

Brian the grille was pretty easy to modify ,I hope my truck turns out half as good as you trucks always  do .

Dan thank you for the encouragement .


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Thank you guys for the comments on the air lines ,they probably aren't exactly plumed they way they should be but it looks the part .

I Took advantage of the warmer weather and got some paint laid down , got the motor , transmission and the fuel tanks all in place . I thought about doing  some wreathing on it but I think I’ll leave nice and clean like it was freshly delivered .

be safe 









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I recently built this kit as my first big rig build. It was made straight out of the box and now I think I would like to do a more detailed version similar to what you are doing with this one. I don't know a lot about the real trucks and was wondering if you could recommend a site where I could see wiring diagrams for the brake, fuel, and other lines? Thank you

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Thank you all for the great comments, 

Gary , CTM 24230 universal air valve set and .022 solder for the lines .

Carl , yes I sprayed the frame all together , I sprayed the back of the fuel tanks then added them then spray it again once dry I put a matt finish on it .

Here is this weekend update the cab is paint , the frame completed, just the interior is left to do , it’s my least Favorite part to do.   

Be safe 




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