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Paystar Off Road Fire Truck

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a guy i know up in the North West country owns a few of these that he uses to fight fire in season. His cab's are KW c500, but i went with a Paystar..

SAM_2908 (3).JPG

SAM_2909 (3).JPG

SAM_2910 (3).JPG

SAM_2911 (3).JPG

SAM_2912 (3).JPG

SAM_2914 (3).JPG

SAM_2915 (3).JPG

SAM_2916 (3).JPG

SAM_2917 (3).JPG

SAM_2921 (3).JPG

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2 hours ago, Keavdog said:

Nice!  I've been looking for brush rigs to do Cal Fire stuff - I've done a couple planes.  Do you have a build thread on this?

no i did not . but any questions just message me.

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13 hours ago, Mopar - D said:

Dave looks like you have been busy at the work bench lol. Another excellent build. 

No my friend i built it back in 2020. Ive had builders block going on a year now..im hoping to finish my oil field truck before show time..

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15 hours ago, DRIPTROIT 71 said:

Looks awesome!! I like the off road Paystar!😀 Excellent work for sure. Are those 66” tires all the way around?

thanks..i never scaled the size in inches . they came from 1/32 scale big foot trucks.


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