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AMT '53 Ford pickup - just what's in the box, man

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So I have a couple of fabrication heavy builds on the bench. One thing I have learned lately, is that you need a simple build going at the same time, just to decompress a bit and enjoy simple, paint and glue modeling.

My paint and glue model is going to be the recent release of the AMT '53 Ford pickup. I have been collecting a few kits that I bought specifically for this purpose. Find an inspiration and build it. 

As for the '53, I totally get why Foose moved the front wheel arch forward a couple inches on his '56. I've always thought this model looks a bit wonky that way. Unless, it is radically lowered. Then somehow, it looks okay to me. I don't understand it either.

So the photo is the inspiration, aside from the roof lights, that's my plan. Red oxide primer, door art, blacked wheels, wide whites, low. A little ratty, but not too much. 

So I plan to use just what's in the box. No kitbashing. This kit has lots of options and I'm happy with them. I've already started with the lowering and I am NOT going to worry too much about how you would do it on a real car, so that it drives well. It's a model and I want it to look nice in a case. 

More soon.





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Just finished one of these a couple weeks ago. It’s a fun kit, and the flathead that comes in it is well detailed. The cab was a bit finicky to get glued into place during final assembly, but everything else went pretty easy.

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Well this will be a low as she goes. I've put the axles on the flip side of the springs and that's as far as I'm going. To get it lower would require considerable modification, and that's not the point of this build. I've decided on the flat head. I alway do something fun for the bed of each pick up,  I do so I built this insert. 



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That’s really coming along Rob! Like your switch to the blue as well. I often attempt to build more or less from the box, yet rarely have I pulled it off 😉. I’ll be following along on this one.

 Cheers Misha

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