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Who doesn't love a mock-up? Let's see yours!

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After seeing Cool Hands Ken Mary Skyline I thought I’d share mine when it was mocked up. 







I pulled it down again after the last photo to paint a 2nd colour and that is where the build stalled. 

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One of my most ambitious works to date -- AMT 1968 El Camino SS-396 (the 'soapbox derby' version).

I've chosen a non-factory colour for the vinyl top and the interior (Rustoleum Leafy Green - Satin), as I have an affinity for white vehicles with green interior (like my parents' 1969 Dart 'Custom'). The white is the as-moulded plastic, which was polished then Futured.

'SS-396' decals from the Revell 1968 Chevelle SS-396 (bought from an eBay seller so that I didn't have to raid my kit) used on gauges, dash embellishment, front marker/bezel, and tail gate garnish (eventually, the grille's 'SS' emblem, and the various engine decals).

Still lots to do with this one (lots of touchups and cleanups) -- engine will be stock (other than the aforementioned decals) ; I'm not quite set on what wheels I'm going to use (I'm thinking either deluxe wheel covers or steelies & hubcaps, either from Fireball... maybe the kit's Rallye Wheels?); and I've still got to configure the interior (the only P.I.T.A. thus far).

Critiques, accolades, jeers, suggestions, etc., encouraged.

Without further ado:


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4 hours ago, Sandboarder said:

That stance is spot on Luke!!!


Here’s on that I messed around with a while back. It has the chin spoiler but probably needs a big duck tail boot lip on it.



Yeah cool, looks good with Formula Mesh wheels 

When I find the side skirts I will build one with the full body kit.

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CANCELLED ! Right into the Stack of Doom with a couple of other fiddly-P.I.T.A. kits. 

I honestly don't know how in the _____ anyone has managed to assemble that horribly-engineered chunk-of-______ interior without smashing that stupid thing to bits! 

INEXCUSABLE for a new(er) kit! What the actual ______ were the designers & engineers thinking when they designed & engineered that godawful pile of horse dung ?!??!!!? 

I have Z-E-R-O patience for trash that doesn't fit-together -- no tolerance whatsoever. 

IF this were an older kit (MPC, AMT, et al.) that's been reissued ad nauseam (AMT 1953 F-100 for example), I know what I'm in for: lots of filing, sanding, truing-up, and other tasks involved in building a kit that was present when the Red Sea was parted. BUT, something from c.1998, which was all-new tooling then, and hasn't been reissued more than Disney pumps-out Star Wars spinoffs and pre-sequels-generations poodle poop, there's NO excuse for garbage with NO positive attachment points.

This mother is OFF the DESK.


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