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Mpc 70 Mercury cyclone annual restoration...sort of


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Hello all, so I purchased this built up on EBay for $20 or $30 ( can’t quite remember exactly) a while ago. It was fairly complete but I took it apart and threw the painted stuff into the purple pond. The plan came to me quickly.... not stock,not even day 2..... I’m going for that 6-7 year old muscle car turned into a nasty street machine... a “ day 6 “ theme. Go fast parts and mean look . It will have a tunnel fed 429 SCJ, cragars , black paint and a black vinyl top. I included a few photos showing what I started with and how it’s going. Used a couple other kits as donors ( Revell 70 torino & Amt 71 cyclone nascar kit ) as well as raiding my parts box and several parts from Missing link ( BIG thank you to missing link ! )











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I'll be watching this one! My holy-grail kit that I've been searching for at a reasonable price for the last decade or more! If you got this built-up at $20 to $30, it must have been some time ago!  Quite certain this kit will never be reissued. 

I like where you're going with this build!

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