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AC Cobra - Revell 1:24


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1 hour ago, kjohan said:

Looks menacing (as it should ?)

Mitchy: have you lowered the stance ? (If so how ?)
Built one 1/2 year ago, did not sit quite as low as yours seem to do

I think it is as it came out of the box, but also I set the suspension with the wheels-side-up.

 It is standing on a soft surface too, so it sinks a little.

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Very cool looking Cobra, and nice work... love the color and extra details you put into it! ... 🤠👍

And I agree with kjohan about the lowered stance ... Both of the Revell Cobras I’ve built so far came out a touch higher at the rear fenders and a bit higher yet at the fronts than yours looks, and both of mine sit with the exact same stance.

 ***Wait, aha!... After just looking back at your pics it appears that you have a taller profile tire than the kit comes with, which would make the stance appear lower. Are they a different tire?

Also, if you have any engine shots would love to see those too

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15 hours ago, papajohn97 said:

Would also love to know what tires and wheels you used on this build, (resin after-market?), they make a world of difference on the realism of this very nice Revell Cobra. Your photography is fantastic as well.

These are the kit wheels and tires. The kit is the Shelby Cobra 427 S/C.


Engine photos request to be honoured presently...


Thank you all for your comments.13AE0E97-920B-4426-8560-E0688E82B75A.jpeg.b1b630b2efb2805b09163f5e804c1250.jpeg

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