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BRBO 2022 K100 Aerodyne & Fruehauf FB van

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This rig will be started on here soon after my other K whopper is finished.

I’ll be shortening the Hideout truck and making it into a tractor, and the screamin’ jimmy will be swapped out for some CAT 3406 action, courtesy of the Revell snap Peterbilt 359. Moebius wheels and tires will also be used. It’ll be done up as an owner operator’s rig. 


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35 minutes ago, Mopar - D said:

Riley this will be a very interesting build have you decided on what colors you are going to use yet?

I’m still pondering on that one. I think I wanna use the stripe decals in the hideout kit, so something that pairs with that, probably blue, gray, or light brown for the cab.

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On 8/23/2022 at 3:43 PM, wayne00 said:

Can we get an up-date on your project?

I’d better get in gear it seems. :D In between a new job and my boy being born I haven’t had much time to work on models. Things are settling down though and when colder weather comes in I won’t be working overtime every day and will be getting more time at the bench. This one is still in the gluing phase and shoehorning the 3406 into the K-100 frame. I should have an update and progress picture by the weekend though.

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Got the 3406 glued and Evergreen sheet filled in the negative spaces left over from its snap-tite origins. Example immediately below, see the side of the intake manifold facing towards the valve covers.



Basic frame is glued and was shortened about 1 13/16”. I glued together the Detroit 8V-71 as well, I’ll give an update if it leaves a tiny oil puddle while it’s on my bench. 


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