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1940 Ford Jalopy Racer - the day before race day

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My Revell '40 Ford jalopy is finished.  The WIP info is in the WIP section; the number decal is from a Moebius Tim Flock Hudson kit, the "Orbit Inn" is from 2 Woodland Scenics dry transfer sheets.  It's too shiny and undented to have seen any active racing, so this is a day before build.

20220131_124028.jpg.92610ae9f89315594a9090c66d55fcae.jpg       20220131_124006.jpg.b07a1e34964f3bbe627114585259b469.jpg     


20220131_123926.jpg.caf1a3e49bdb156728981e2b34b71142.jpg       20220131_124059.jpg.2aeecfae23b7072d6b458af954682b44.jpg  

20220131_124147.jpg.6b37dcf8ef3f68d6c38ffa96a94f2007.jpg         20220131_124311.jpg.3b47e5a0eda931d38b34c01f01f4d5a6.jpg


20220131_124250.jpg.6b448898ab9a06adf1cfaada450e74f9.jpg         20220131_124138.jpg.48b2e80c508d4a2b8b60aac29156453e.jpg






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