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Revell Ford F 150 Lightning

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Did you ever have one of those models for whatever just does not go right ?  This was mine . I wasn’t feeling this build and I know I rushed it just to get it done . Good kit just poor execution on my part . Anyway here it is . Messed up the windshield and really thought they could have done better with mounting the lower trim . Primed with Tamiya white . Paint is Duplicolor Sonic Blue Pearl and cleared with Duplicolor 1K . Wheels and tires are from the parts box . 









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Ya, the kit seemed nice but there was just something about it that just gave me fits and I lost interest in trying to do my best, I just wanted it done. I guess the finished project shows that. At least I didn't throw it like I may have in my younger days.

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I'll join in, I've had a few of these and unlike you, some of those ended up in ,,hum in pieces. At least you stuck with it and it really looks good in this color and the wheels look good on it. If you want another challenge, try an old heller kit. One recent kit I did (twice) was the full bumper Camaro 70 1/2. This kit fought me all the way. Patience and perseverance saw me through but , boy, sometimes you're just glad it's done. 

You've got a very nice model despite what you went through. 

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