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Kenworth K100 twinsteer triaxle

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Got the rear fenders mounted and got the wheels on it just to test everything out.
The tires are italeris trailer tires that i used to get the height of the fenders right and the tires will be replaced later with better ones.
It is going to look something like this when it is done, only things missing on the exterior is the bullbar, fueltanks,rear lights and stoneguard for the windshield.
Just have to decide what colors the frame, crane and cab will have.

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On 6/19/2022 at 2:18 PM, bigred63 said:

WOW, what an impressive Beast! I like it! 


On 6/19/2022 at 2:25 PM, David G. said:

Impressive work!

David G.


On 6/19/2022 at 3:08 PM, Mopar - D said:

Coming along nicely Pierre can’t wait to see what colors you decide to use. 

I think i am going to go with a black frame, red crane and might do the cab green as the boxart is.

I decided to add a coupler for normal trailers to the truck for when one of them needs moving and most heavy haulers have them anyways.
This one i think is a Swedish VBG model that i got from the Volvo f12 low roof kit and not a Rockinger. The crossmember i mounted it on is a unused crossmember from the AMT ford snowplow kit.
Also did the bullbar for the front and decided the location for the fueltanks so they dont interfere with the outriggers on the crane.
The crane is going to be mounted on the chassie this way or else the outriggers will not be able to be retracted because they will hit the fueltanks.
I have ordered the tires and a few other things i need for it from auslowe today, even without them the build can go forward and i just need to use the tires from the kit and the extra ones i have bought for it untill they are here.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Finally back at this again.
Got it painted and put on the decals its just missing the exhaust stacks, after they are put on the cab will be done.
The engine is being painted to so that will also soon be mounted and then the driveline will be complete.
Found some spare catwalks (not sure about what they are called) in my parts box that i added to the frame.
The crane needs some more painting and then adding the hydrualic lines after that the crane will be done and mounted to the truck.
I decided that i wanted the wheels red and black.
The bullbar is drying from painting right now and that will be white.
Its not long now untill it is completed but due to work,vacation and other stuff the next 4 weeks i dont think i will have any time to build for a while.

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Small things done today.
Put in the engine in the frame and added the stacks to the cab.
Made a exhaustpipe from the turbo down to the rest of the exhaust system, just need to paint it.
Also chromed the lights on the bullbar and added 2 decals to it.

What do everyone here use to glue vinyl/rubber lines to resin and diecast parts?
Superglue dont seem to work for me on the crane...

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23 hours ago, DrKerry said:

Man Pierre, that looks awesome!!!!


Did some work on the crane tonight and think i can call it done.
Painted a few spots i missed and added all of the hydrualic lines to it.

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3 hours ago, DrKerry said:

Now that is awesome!!!!!

Thank you.

Did as much as i can do to it now untill i get the parts i need from Auslowe so from here on the build will be at a stand still.
Only parts i still need to use from the kit is the indicators on each side of the cab.
They should have been put on a earlier but i noticed that i had forgotten to paint them.
The wheels are not glued on to the axles yet because i am going to use other tires and need to have the wheels of the truck when i fix that.

I have been thinking of adding a trailer to it but i cant decide between a lowboy or a flatbed.
If i go with the lowboy i have both Revell's and AMT's lowboy kits, if i go with flatbed i have to make something myself that looks like Revell's 6axle trailers they had a long time ago.

Here is what the truck looks like now.

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  • 1 month later...

Finally had time to do something on this build now.

The parts i ordered from Auslowe arrived and i could move forward. Added mudflaps, led worklights on the truck and crane put on a different pogostick with suziecoils to it, modified the kits rear lightbar to fit the over the VBG coupling.

Also fitted the tires i ordered for this so now it does not have the italeri tires on the front axles. The led worklights are from nordic truck details and the chain on the bullbar i bought from a local craft and hobby store.

It is getting close to be done now.









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Cool project. I like all the unique features you have combined. I am curious as to what trailer and load you have in mind. Likely something warranting heavy haul  capabilities that works with the limited reach of the crane. Maybe something you could fabricate like a tower crane section or wrecking balls.

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23 hours ago, Bronzekeg said:

very nice modeling project that looks the part!



17 hours ago, Bills72sj said:

Cool project. I like all the unique features you have combined. I am curious as to what trailer and load you have in mind. Likely something warranting heavy haul  capabilities that works with the limited reach of the crane. Maybe something you could fabricate like a tower crane section or wrecking balls.

There are going to be a few more small things added to it before i call it complete.
I think it is going to have a 5 or 6 axle flatbed behind it or a lowboy trailer but have not decided yet.
If i go with the lowboy trailer i already have a load planned for it but i have to see if it looks good on it or it will be to big for it.
There might be a pic of the planned lowboy load in the next update.

9 hours ago, bigred63 said:

Awesome looking Kenny! 


7 hours ago, DRIPTROIT 71 said:

That looks Awesome!!


7 hours ago, David G. said:

Awesome work on this, everything looks perfect!

David G.


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