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1962 GMC B 6500 with flatbed trailer

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This is the Frontier resin GMC cab with the recently re issued "big rig semi trailer". The GMC cab in this build is a B 6500 with a V6 gas engine, but V12 and Detroit diesel engines were optional. The trailer is the 36' flatbed version of the old IMC trailer.  V6 is from Rookie Resins, frame and wheels are from Dan Models. Trailer tires and wheels were upgraded to 22" also. Pipe load is from Keystone.









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Thanks for the positive comments, everyone. It was a fun build, used period standard factory colors for interior, exterior, wheels and frame.  Wouldn't mind  building another one as a dual drive with a 6 71 Detroit and opening hood, but these cabs are temporarily out of stock at Frontier.  Probably do a Dan Models Ford N series (similar design) for that build. By the way, I have both  Dan Models N and F series bought a few years ago, and the quality is very high on both.  A few more photos.




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On 3/7/2022 at 7:39 PM, leafsprings said:

Thanks all.  IMO, the old IMC flatbed, van trailer and tanker are  good matches for the older pre 70's resin trucks that are out there. The load of pipe is from Keystone SHOP | Keystone Aluminum Model Miniatures | United States (kamodelminis.com)

Thanks for the info. That's great site.


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