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I think MTFAco used to have one so you might check AITM


It is not currently listed but if you email him, he can tell you if it will be available. He has been re-doing the old MTFAco molds and many are not ready yet but will be eventually.

MTFAco also had alot of good fire apparatus detail parts which I understand are available just not listed on the website.

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I saw one just last week on ebay. It was in a lot of cabs that a guy was selling. He had quite a few lots he was selling. I think he was in Canada. Regardless, I saw a few in what he was selling so I know their out there. He had a few International Eagle cabovers as well.

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The MR is a low entry cabover that is real popular for trash trucks and even concrete pumpers, it is not an updated R model.

My "wanting" of that cab is a few FD's in my area (just not my fd) have MR's and wanted models depicting their department so I will try to find one if not many. Thanks for all the help guys I appreciate it. Im hoping to hit many terminals with the net when Im runnin down the 4lanes to keep up with everything. Keep on Modelin!

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Guest Anthony Oteri


Plaskit has a RD Mack conversion kit which is a hood with a slope to it and rectangular head light lenses. I have built 2 of them in the last year. It does use the Mack R cab (AMT) and requires minor work to the cab. It is a very nice piece.

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