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Maisto Assembly Line 1/24 2021 Bronco Sport Badlands

Motor City

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I saw several of those ( real ones ) at the Barrett Jackson auction a few weeks ago. They are pretty nice but all went for big money. Far more than I thought they were worth. The old restored ones were all over 100,00 and a couple went for much more. I think I may get one of those diecast ones and do a repaint.

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I've seen those, as well... I'm a little concerned about the scaling...

Jada is screwing up my "eye balling"... The Jadas are the 4 door version, and quite a bit bigger than the Maistos, but the Maistos are usually the more accurate scaling...

I'm going to have to get one of these and check it out... They have the orange one assembled at full price and these at 40% off, but I just don't know....

Every time I see the real ones, I'm convinced that the Jadas are correct, but when I put it next to other true 1/24 scale trucks, and I'm not so sure... They (Jada's version) look ok next to Maisto's Raptor, but they look too big next to my Norscot Chevy Silverado..... Man, I need to get up close to figure this out, unless anyone else can help with this...😉


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