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Weird Tire melt questions

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Hey guys, I acquired a collection from a friend and the kits suffered some tire melt, but I removed the tires and appeared to be in good shape. So my question is,

Can I reuse the tires on new kit wheels? Like is there a point where the tires are done leaching out its chemicals? 

Can I use resin wheels on these tires without bare metal foil, epoxy coat etc?

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Sometime the rubber reacts to the plastic or vise versa. I had some 1/18 cars with soft rubber tires that would react to the base of the plastic showcase I put some of them in. After some time ( few days, weeks) the tire would appear flat and when you would lift it off the base, the tire was fine but the it appeared to have melted into the base as if the tire was really hot but it was a chemical reaction. I would put a little piece of electrical tape over the melted section and it would fix this. I guess its hit or miss.

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I would always assume the tires will keep on doing what they have done up until now, and take the appropriate preventative measures when installing new wheels.  

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You should be OK with "resin" wheels provided the person who made 'em mixed the stuff properly...but that's often not the case.

"Directions? I don't need to read no stinkin' directions."

Thermoset urethane ("resin") when fully cured has better chemical resistance than injection molded thermoplastic ("styrene").

If you're going with styrene wheels, a barrier of BMF is the safest choice...though I've had encouraging results coating styrene wheels with a GOOD epoxy prior to mounting suspect tires.

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