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1966 Mercury Comet


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5 minutes ago, Pierre Rivard said:

This is a great project and I very much look forward to seeing how you tackle it.

Is this going to be a Bud Moore solution or a Holman Moody style half chassis?

Thanks, Pierre. As always, I don't give away what the project is ahead of time to hopefully cut down on hijackers who want to share their like builds in this thread. But I think as the build goes along it will become obvious which car, I will be modeling. Thanks for your positive thoughts about the build. I don't think the scratch building will be as intense as the last project. It's a build I have always wanted to do and now finally getting around to doing it.

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25 minutes ago, Pierre Rivard said:

Brave man. I would have chickened out and done a 67.

Is there as much change needed for the back end?

Thanks, Pierre. I don't think so. I will have to cut off the rear bumper from the rear panel to save the chrome bumper. I'm not as good as you when it comes to redoing chrome bumpers. The toughest part of the grille will be making the grilles that go into the upper and lower grille cavitys. One good thing is that the real car had the grille painted black. 

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Got some more work done on the grille. I used a hole punch to make the filler plastic that goes between the headlights. Just make two holes extremely close to each other and use the plastic that is left between the two holes you punch out. I will probably just finish the voids left with putty because there is not that much area left to fill.  The hole punch makes perfect sized discs to cover the headlight cavities.





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After studying my ref pictures more, I came to the realization that this Comet was a Comet Cyclone that came with a fiberglass hood with scoops and a grille with more of a horizontal bar look that was split in the middle. So, I had to make 4 separate grilles to fill in the grille cavities. The smallest material I could find was some .020 rod, so that's why it's not as accurate as I would want it to look, I would need .010 rod to do it justice. But I don't think they make it, and my finger dexterity is not what it use to be to pull that off anyway. And the glue would melt material that small.  So, this will be close enough for me. The car I'm modeling had the hood changed to a metal stock comet hood for the race I'm representing. So that's why I'm having to remove the hood scoops. A lot of the chrome trim on the grille was also removed and they painted the grille black, so just so I have the basic look of a 66 Comet grille will have to suffice.





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Thanks, Pierre. I think I'll just stay with this deal I'm doing. I could make a grille decal myself, but I think it might look like an old car trying to look like a modern car that is supposed to have decal headlights and grilles. 

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