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First time diorama


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So, the wife got me this kit a couple of years ago. Thought I would take a break from auto building and try my hand, and mind at a diorama. The engine hoist and tool boxes are scratch built. Going to build a pair of ramps , an air hose real, just kind see where it takes me. Made my guys arms movable. As always input and comments welcomed.







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Got some more done on my diorama pieces. Painted tool boxes and cherry picker. Made what is supposed to resemble a bench grinder. How many garages have we bean in that had a grinder mounted on a post welded to a car rim for the base? Still working on some other things to throw in the mix. the nova is a 15 year old build of one of my oldest Bro's buddies  1:1 from back in the early 70s. I have allot of fond memories of watching him and his high school pals wrenching on cars. Well thanks for lookin.










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I'm working on my first also; a '40 Ford roundy-round car c. 1955, set on a section of dirt track with a bill-board and track fence behind.  'SPEED ON, BROTHER; HELL AIN'T HALF FULL' sponsored by Wicks RAMBLER Motors, Alturas, CA; 'Built for the human race'.  

Also working on one with cars from Leave it To Beaver and Father Know's Best sitcoms, c. 1963, also lunar rover (hemi-powered) that has busted its oil pan on a lunar rock... !  Photos when I can do 'em.

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