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'56 Lincoln custom

pack rat

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I found this built-up ITC '56 Lincoln years ago and just had to have it.....but what to do with it?  Built out of the box it looks better than a Palmer kit, but that's about it.

A decent factory-stock build is pretty much impossible, but I figured if I could chop (or replace) the top it might make a nice curbside custom.

Digging through the parts department, I found a Monogram '59 Cadillac windshield frame and a cast-off AMT '57 Ford roof that looked so right that I had to take the plunge.  Just for fun I decided to try a Winfield-inspired paint job using Testors Boyds enamels I've had sitting around for years. 

It's far from perfect; the paint is a little uneven in spots, I didn't bother installing w/s wipers, vent windows etc, but it looks good on the shelf. 









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Amazing transformation. Sort of like a Caterpillar that becomes a Butterfly. The roof idea looks great, and the paint work really finishes the look. 

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Amazing how much better this Lincoln looks with the grafted on Caddy window and Ford top, they really work with the lower lines on the side profile of this car. I can imagine this car cruising into Harvey’s Broiler in the late ‘50’s. Love it!

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Good save! Love that Caddy windshield; it works perfectly here. The swoopy lines give this model that sense of motion even sitting still. Paint is period-perfect for a classic kustom! Well done.

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