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Honda Fit/Jazz diorama


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Here is the diorama my wife made that goes well with my model. The building is a mix n match of several kits. The interior stuff was made using molds and clay or some such. Not really sure how she made them to be honest. The photos with the car have been posted in a different area as well.  










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14 hours ago, Anglia105E said:

That is one extremely detailed diorama Conrad, and I can see that your wife has clearly put in many hours of painstaking work. Excellent !

There is so much to see in that wonderful model that I shall have to study it more closely !


Thanks! I’ll pass on the compliment. This is about 80-90 hours of work on my estimate, but I could be totally off. 

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1 hour ago, Sergey said:

Magnificent work! My compliments to your wife, Conrad!

But I supose, that 1/12 motorcycle will fit the scale better.

Thank you very much. I’ll pass on the compliment to my wife. 
Not sure what scale her shop is. I’ve got a couple of bike kits to build when I get more confident and will put them up here. 

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On 5/2/2022 at 3:39 PM, Dominik said:

Wow, that is amazing! Compliments to your wife too - what a beautiful diorama.

Thanks very much! 
I’ll pass on the compliment!
Stay safe and enjoy!

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