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'61 Pontiac Catalina S/S


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I wasn't sure whether to post this one in "model cars underclass" (stock) or here. This is my interpretation of a mostly showroom stock 61 Pontiac Catalina with some mild mods that I believe would fit within the NHRA rulebook for "stock" class (class S/S for 0 - 10.59 lbs./ hp, I figured 368 hp (dual carb 389?) for a 3750 lb. car and came out with 10.19).  Dual carbs (Holleys) and the hood scoop (actually a Ford truck part that Pontiac had to assign a stockroom number for) were around then but not on the standard order form as I understand it. I used an actual restored car posted on the web, a beautiful Bamboo Cream colored Super Duty 421, for the "appearance" prototype for this model (here) but wanted this model to be closer to a car driven off a car lot and taken directly to the drags (think Carol Cox's NHRA winning '61 Ventura (first woman to win an NHRA class!)).  I'm sure someone might find some errors in my interpretation and the execution of this build but it's just a model car for goodness sake and I had a lot of fun building this one.

This is the excellent Moebius kit mostly OOB but I added the resin carbs (Fireball), aluminum distributor and air cleaners (Detail Master) and misc. solder fuel lines and wire linkage and brake line. The carbs and air cleaners are likely over-scaled but I'm happy with the over-all look of the engine. I scratch-built the hood scoop using Evergreen styrene sheet and the tach using Evergreen rod and tubing. I airbrushed Scale Finishes base paint for the Bamboo Cream with a Tamiya TS-13 clear coat and masked and airbrushed the tri-color interior using Tamiya acrylics.  Remaining areas were painted using Tamiya acrylics and Alclad Chrome over black enamel for the window frames.  I used BMF to do the two super thin trim spears on each side as these were too thin to try to mask and paint with Alclad/ enamel. I'm down to a 1/2 sheet of my "good" older BMF and not sure what I'm going to do when this is gone, the new stuff is terrible.

I've been building mostly sixties SS'ers since 2019 and wanted to do an early car that reflected the years when they were driven off of the lot and directly to the strip without a lot of mods, true super "stock" drag racing. I'm happy with this one, hope you like it too! 

Cheers, John


















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Thanks guys for the nice responses. Here are a few photos I got off of George Klass’s excellent website (georgeklass.net) that captures the type of car I was attempting to model. The first photo (#973) is Carol Cox in her class winning ‘61 Ventura.





I have an AMT ‘60 Ford Starliner kit which I hope to build soon also as a showroom stock drag car to park next to this Pontiac. What fun those good old days must have been when a blue collar guy could take his street car to the drags on a Saturday, remove the wheel covers and air cleaner, win or loose a few and then drive home.

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Very clean, meticulous, accurate rendition.  Yes, the carbs appear oversized.  Why would that be as the carbs I have gotten from him (Quadrajets mostly) have been dead on scale .  Difficult for me to tell with the air cleaners on, but those are Holleys and not AFB’s ?  Anyway, the quality of your work is a goal I have set for myself (not there yet).

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6 hours ago, Tuffy's Garage said:

Are the wheels and hub caps from the 62 Pontiac?

Thanks Charlie, the wheels and dog dish caps are supplied in this Moebius kit. The kit also includes the eight lug nut Ventura wheels (with the finned brake drums) and a nice set of chrome mags.

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