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Winged express fuel altered


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I'm not much of drag race car builder ever know a lot of the early years of my life were spent at Orange county drag strip.  I buit this for a friend of mine that was one of the starters at lions drag strip as suprise ten years or so ago.  He passed away last March and his son gave it back to me after his passing so I think it's fitting to post it here for the anniversary of his passing  the 20th of this month.  It's a little early but hey it's in the right month right. 20210428_091837.thumb.jpg.e04344e452eef77927dfbdbb15e93e3e.jpg20220303_192821.thumb.jpg.3daf6c4bd7591677f3d236af62e5fef9.jpg20220303_192738.thumb.jpg.1abf2c3f630780b0fc6b57294b3954e9.jpg20220303_192715.thumb.jpg.229b7c12e2ab65abf5ebb59a7f9db373.jpg


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57 minutes ago, Hmann68 said:

Nicely done, and I bet he was thrilled to have it. Glad it came back to you, you can take care of it for him 👍

Thank you it has been put in a safe place so it can be taken care of for a long time.

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31 minutes ago, TonyK said:

Nice looking model and some great detail added. This model will have special meaning in your collection.

Thanks Tony!  These were simple compared to today's fuel cars so the detailing wasn't crazy on this one lol.  I a 1/18 scale sprint car I built him also that also means a lot to me too.  He spent the last 20 years of his life push started sprint cars at parris auto speedway her in California and I spent a lot of time in passenger seat of the push truck with him over the years.  I passed one my builds I built for him on to his sister that she saw and fell in love with so we both something to take care of for him.

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