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78 Lincoln Mark V


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I've got the body corrected and finally got a decent paint job on it, but I'm not 100% satisfied and I got a little burnt out on it from the stress of trying to fix it.

Here's where it is so far.








I may have to work on the front bumper, doesn't look pointy enough for me.


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I've got the car back in the shop.

The flat nose was just too much for me to leave alone, so I'm making some improvements - while carefully trying not to damage the rest of the car.

"Stay tuned, More McNally to come."

Oops sorry, wrong channel. 

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Hello, Patrick! Beautiful work!

I like the idea and the way you make it!

I would make a grill by alternating plastic (Evergreen) and metal strips. Then would glued it in frame with plastic glue and take the metal strips off. Other way is to glue Evergreen strips on mesch (it is visible through vertical bars on 1:1 Lincoln), but you also need some conductor for spacing.

One more thing: I can see that edge line on headlighs bacame smooth. May be it's better to use some metal strip or angle here too?

Keep it going! :)


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I used two 34 Ford pickup grilles to make it. It was the only pieces I had available with a fine enough pattern to replicate the 1:1.

I've currently split the entire grille shell down the middle and bent it to give it more "point". I'm adding plastic to the bumper to match. 

The headlights do still have the angle on them. Unfortunately, all the working and sanding softened the point a little, but it is there. 

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On 4/15/2022 at 5:57 PM, AMT68 said:

Looks excellent! The color reminds me of the '79 Givenchy Edition. 

The pictures I'm using have a Diamond Jubilee edition in this blue, so that's what I'm going for.

AFAIK, DJ edition has the padding on the spare tire area, so that's been put on too.

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