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1969 Mustang SOHC Funny Car in shades of Pink!

tim boyd

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Not too long ago, I got all the funny cars from my 50+ year modeling career out and on the table for a photography session.   I'll be posting images of some of them over the next few months.

Here is one of my favorites.  It was built about 10 years ago, and based on one of the Polar Lights Mustang funny car kits.  The buildup is mostly box stock, but with paint detailing.  I was particularly pleased with the paint, which featured several of the Testors Model Masters lacquers, applied in the "spray can fade" techniques I demo'ed in a series of articles in Scale Auto around 2011/2012.   I passed on engine and chassis wiring on this one, as I already had done that to the extreme on several of my MPC Contest winning funny car models from the 1970's.   

Anyway, here's a look or two....thanks for checking it out...TB

DSC 0170

DSC 0157

DSC 0143

DSC 0144

DSC 0140

DSC 0151

DSC 0157

DSC 0150



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19 hours ago, Dennis Lacy said:

I’d be proud of that paint job, too, it looks killer! Very nice work throughout. 

Where does this 427 SOHC fall in the scope of accuracy since every kit featuring them seem to get something wrong?

Dennis....I recall it being a serviceable replica, but I'd defer to Steve Perry for a definitive judgement on that topic!   

All....thanks for your comments, always really appreciated!   Best...TIM 

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