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#62 Gran Torino Hardtop-Norman D. Copley

Bob B 73

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Hello and Happy Thursday Friends!

Hope all is well!!

Building a replica of the '72 Gran Torino Hardtop driven by ARCA (and occasionally NASCAR) driver N. D. Copley. Love this body style and the red, white & black paint scheme on this racer!!! Information and especially photos are rather difficult to find. Using a resin body that a fellow modeler allowed me to purchase (thanks!). Johan Torino kit and some custom detail touches here and there will complete the build.

Thanks for looking!

More progress pics will follow.

Bob B











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On 10/8/2022 at 9:39 AM, Pierre Rivard said:

She's a beauty Bob. Beautiful detailing as always with your builds. What also impresses is the beautiful finishes, just the right level of gloss on the body and the weathering of bumpers/grilles. Really really nice!

Hello and thank you Pierre! You understand my build approach to realism. These cars were never super glossy back in the day!

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On 1/20/2023 at 6:52 PM, N. D. Copley Jr. said:

This car is awesome.  I am ND Copley Jr.  My Brother David and I would like to know if we could purchase one of these models.  My email is copleyjr21@yahoo.com I am the son and namesake of this driver.  

Hello ND Copley Jr. Thanks for reaching out! This is a one off build.  Inspired by the build of a fellow modeler Tim Stevens who built this racer too. I don't plan on letting it go at this time, but will keep you and your brother in mind if I decide to. Thanks again.

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2 minutes ago, Rattlecan Dan said:

I'd put that under the heading of "Tremendous". So very realistic, with as much detailing attention as is needed. Great Job! Thanks for posting.

Thank you for the compliments!

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