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Italian beauty: Lancia Aurelia B 24 Spider (1954)


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One of Pininfarina’s most famous designs, built in 1954-55 (only 240 pcs., 50 of them are lying on the bottom of the Atlantic ocean when the steamer “Andrea Doria” sank after a collision with another ship in 1956 with these on board, destined for the USA).

Whereas the 1:1 cars demand prices of about $ 1000000 or more at auctions, these 1/24 diecasts are available for little money: the cream-colored one is from the Italian Quattroruote series from 2008/2009, whereas the silver example is from the Auto vintage deluxe collection that started also in Italy in 2013 – both are made by Ixo and are very well proportioned (the metallic grey one has a too glossy red interior which should be toned down) – I only added Italian and French license plates to them – otherwise they remain untouched.

On to the pics (shot 3 hrs. ago):


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On 3/22/2022 at 7:22 PM, Hoffman said:

Helmut, those are beautiful!! I've found them offered on ebay. Wish they cost a little less, but that's ok. They're on my shopping list now anyway. Great photographs! Thank you for sharing.


These are beautiful.

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