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“Dyno Don’s” Chevy 2 wagon

M W Elky

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This is a nice little kit, and it went together real easy. 06135C1A-A94A-410F-B349-13557EAFC848.thumb.jpeg.bb15462bc8c1745f69154bafab28e85a.jpegA2B89A2B-FA7B-429A-94BA-3578FBDCAB2E.thumb.jpeg.b4ef3c815da15029d1311b71117df049.jpeg7F5BFCF6-BE0C-4B12-BB66-7CB87768628A.thumb.jpeg.537652e70bfd124a4391715b8c09b27d.jpeg8F1C5E74-F2D7-441A-9BD5-909A74850E91.thumb.jpeg.03952facc03970fc62818509ae3795ea.jpegI borrowed some parts from the flowing kits 

amt 1963 corvette: engine 

amt slicks and Firestone supreme front tires 

amt 1962 bel air steel wheels 

testors white enamel with smp decals 

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5 hours ago, Craig Irwin said:

Very nice! Where did you source the late FI system and decals?


The complete engine with the fuel injection came out of the amt 1963 corvette. The decals came from smp decals I got them from their website. You can also now get them from slixx their’s are probably printed with a little sharper resolution. Thanks for the nice complement 


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