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1976 Chevy Van - The Tickler

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1976 Chevy Van - "The Tickler"


built in a 70's boogie van style with Weathered appearance and a Slammed stance, ZForcemodelworx wheels and tires, custom decals,  3D printed Keg tap handle for column Shifter, Kens Fuzzy Fur interior, self printed seat pattern inserts.  Zig Zag front plate, Norml bumper sticker, larry flynt for president bumper sticker






















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I found the plaid image using google and then I saved to my computer, inserted the image into a blank document, reduced it the size i needed to make it fit the scale, printed the image onto regular paper then cut out the image and used thinned white glue to apply the image to the seat.

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Great looking exterior with just the right amount of grunge to it. The interior is a real time piece with the seats and all the little additions. Haven't seen the expression on the back doors since the late '70's. 

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I am usually not a fan of low riders, but this thing is extremely cool!! The color is perfect! The weathering is spot on! But the interior, those seats are perfect. I used to have a customer who had a yellow and white van like this (except it had side windows) and it had these exact seats. I can almost smell that new Chevrolet interior from back in the day. Excellent work for sure!! 

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This is absolutely fantastic. The weathering is very realistic and I just love the name. My parents had a ‘77 in exactly the same color scheme when I was a little kid so I especially love that! 

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This is awesome! Interior, paint, the weathering all look great. One thing for me that stands out is the hub caps! I love the hub caps! Great job all around.

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