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Revell Attempt 1 streamlined dragster ?

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Got this kit off of eBay a couple months ago thinking I would build a replica . I never took the time to check it out . My mistake . Said to be complete but it was not . What to do with the incomplete kit ? I decided just to make a custom and see what I could come up with . Several body mods have been done or will be done . Deciding if I want to open up those rear wheel metal ( plastic ) . Engine will be from the Chevy ll gasser kit . Rest including paint I will make up as I go along . 




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Very cool - I love this kit!

One thing I'd recommend is cutting off the front part of the belly pan just ahead of the front axle and attaching that to the upper body. It makes getting the body off and on just a little trickier, but it's more prototypically correct and allows you to eliminate the seam in the nose. While you're at it, you can also cut off the sides and the rear of the belly pan and attach those too! Just do a lot of test fitting, of course.


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Your model looks great ! Unfortunately with the missing kit parts this will not be able to be built as it should. Just using parts box pieces and some kit pieces and see what I can come up with.

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Thanks, Ray. Looks like you're off to an interesting start on this one. I always felt like the kit had some other creative potential in addition to a replica version. Just curious, what parts were you missing?

Gets me to wondering if Atlantis has the tooling for this one. Maybe with the interest in (and hopefully sales of) the Mooneyes dragster, we might see this kit again?

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