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Fujimi Porsche 356B


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This is my second attempt at wrestling a 1/24 Fujimi 356 kit into a presentable finished model with all four wheels nearly touching the ground.  This one was no easier than first (a yellow coupe I build a year or so ago).  I used ScaleFinishes sixties Ford base paint for the ivory exterior, "Corinthian White", and Tamiya acrylics and Alclad metallics for the other colors.  Despite the challenges, I love the look of these Fujimi bathtub Porsches, I think its the fabulous looking wheels that come with these kits that makes them worth building. Cheers, John.

(PS - the rear tail lights are wrong, the red should be outboard/ orange inboard....always something!)
















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Thanks guys for the encouraging responses. Also thanks SuperDan for pointing out the misspelling on the dash decal -that gave me a good laugh. I can’t promise that there won’t be spelling errors on any future builds I post, my spelling skills suck!

One thing I did different on this second go round on this kit which helped was to fully assemble the engine + trans + differential before installing into the chassis (instructions call out installing the trans + diff to chassis first). The rear of the engine still suffered downward angular  “sag” off the rear axle pivot point but this was fixed by just pushing the sagging engine back up into the chassis/body and bonding the rear of the exhaust pipes to the body cut-outs. 

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Beautiful!  I built that exact kit last century, and the Model Master ivory!  I didn't use the chrome sticker for the windshield, think that's when I discovered Bare Metal foil.  Sold it from a hobby shop window, for what you would be lucky to get a kit for today.  It was my first detailed Enthusiast Series build, so I sympathize with your lead-in comment, you did well.

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