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3D printed parts needed

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Hi All,

Not sure if this is best area for this but I’m hoping someone in this community can help with my search.

I need some parts that are not available in current kit form for some reason.

They are the stylized Cadillac script valve covers like shown. They are for 1/24 scale.

Any help is appreciated,



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Ok, so I have a usable print for you. The question for you now becomes, what engine are you wanting to use theses for. They are currently scaled to my 331 build. I may have the engine you're using in my stash. otherwise, I'll need the length and width of the block where it connects.

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These are going to be used on the revell parts pack Cadillac 354ci engine.

dimensions in mm are 21mm in length, 5 mm in width and 3mm in height.

let me know if you need more info


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I printed 10 because sometimes a few don't come out right. Surprisingly, 9 came out decent. I see your in Canada. That means more for shipping. Let me check on the cost. 

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