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AMT Craftsman Series 1959 Lincoln


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I have three AMT 59 Lincoln 3 in 1 kits built up. I had a bunch of the Craftsman Series  issues so decided to build one of them. You might guess I like 59 Lincolns (and 60 too).

This is built right out of the box except that I used Modelhaus AMT 59 style tires as the ones in this kit were the 61 style tire and didn't have wide whitewalls. I did not paint the body, I just polished the plastic. I am happy the way it came out.

I hope you like this one. I didn't take interior photos before assembling it. I welcome comments, good and bad.   -Rich















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On 4/11/2022 at 6:47 PM, yellowsportwagon said:

I just finished one of these Myself. I really enjoyed this simple kit.


It looks great, Tim. Thanks for showing it.

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On 4/11/2022 at 7:00 PM, happy grumpy said:

Another beautiful gem Rich, I just love those oldies.


23 hours ago, Can-Con said:

Beautiful, very classy. 

great job on all those little paint details.


23 hours ago, cobraman said:

Very nice  !


23 hours ago, ea0863 said:

Very clean execution on a classy car


22 hours ago, gks1964 said:

Very nice build!!


13 hours ago, ChrisR said:

Looks great!


12 hours ago, Zippi said:

What a good looking Lincoln Rich.  Love the black with the gold script. Great build.


12 hours ago, Tom99 said:



2 hours ago, espo said:

Deep rich looking black paint and clean trim details. The copper one looks much the same, both great looking builds. 

Thanks very much, I appreciate all the comments  -Rich

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9 hours ago, drodg said:

Beautiful.  When you say polished the body.  Did you just use a polishing or rubbing compound?  Looks fabulous

Hi David, I use Meguiars Plastx to polish plastic.  Sometimes I wax the model after but don't think I did on this one.

Thanks for your comment.  -Rich

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"I did not paint the body " man that buffed out marvelous. I love the baroque styling of these late 50's Lincoln's, although 59 and 60 look similar the dash in the 60 is a knockout especially with that big steering wheel. Excellent build, thanks for posting. 


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Absolutely gorgeous! I hope that, much like the '59 Imperial, one day they find the molds for this (more likely the '60 version though) laying around and reissue it. A boy can dream. 

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