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Volvo F12 Low Roof

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This was a quick build that i started last weekend.
Only minor thing was that the cab can not tilt when the front bumper is mounted.
Driverside window is rolled down (because i made a big mistake gluing it in and got glue everywhere on it...)
The winddeflectors on the cab, headlight trim and bumper also looks weird because i got the wrong paint that did dry almost imediatly while painting..
Making it look bad so i had to sand that away and try to rescue it with another silver paint i have.

The roof basket and ladder on the cab side was seen on many of these when i was a kid, the michelin mans on the basket was included in the kit with alot of other extra parts.
Roof basket and ladder was also among the extra parts, there is another sunvisor, roof deflector,  another style ladder, australian style bullbar, ac unit, 3 bigger michelin mans and 3 other mascots that are called "Flipje" a man/boy that looks like a raspberry with a chefs hat.
Also a shovel, broom, fire extinguisher, VBG coupler for euro trucks that is not tractor trailers, roof sign used that was mostly used in denmark and a warning triangle.
They also included decals for all of the gauges.
I also wish that they would have made it an optional tandem drive truck and not a single axle as they are rarley used in scandinavia because of our winters (basically undrivable in snow or ice)

Here is the engine that will probably never be seen again.
At work we have one machine with this exact engine in it so i work on a real one almost once a week..

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Thanks, now i need to build the F12 globetrotter i have to be able to have them standing next to eachother.

Unfortunatley that is the one that suffers from a shortshot on both framerails that i must repair before i can build that kit.

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On 7/30/2022 at 6:02 PM, Chuck Mols said:

Very nice build, great pictures. I even like the raindrops on the truck, and the little Michelin men are a good touch.


The raindrops were accidental because it started to rain when i took the pictures of it. 

The Michelin mens are something that many trucks in the 80's and 90's had on them here.

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On 8/5/2022 at 2:52 AM, stavanzer said:

Izzat the new Italeri Kit with the Bonus Rack and other parts?

It sure looks Whizzer from here! Nice bit of luck on the raindrops! The Black Paint is smooth and perfect!

Yes it is their new kit. I did not know anything extra was included when i bought it so it was a complete surprise for me.

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