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1966 Shelby GT350H in Red


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Finally finished the GT350H... It was a tough build and I ended up buying a second kit just to finish it. I think it's an older molding so I had difficulty with some of the fitment but got it to work eventually. Then the paint nightmare began with the second coat of red turning into a wrinkled mess. Tried to remove it all with oven cleaner... no go. So I bought a second kit and did get it painted quite well with Rustoleum Apple Red. Lucky I did buy that second kit because the decals were a bigger nightmare than the paint... ultra ultra thin and positioned to fit over numerous deep curves and valleys of the body, I ended up using both sheets of decals to get through it. I resorted to cutting the single decal of the hood into 7 separate pieces and then piecing it all back together again. I'm just glad the build is over and does not look to bad. Sorry about the poor pictures. I'm working on improving that.


















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Looks great. I can see where the over-the-top stripes would be a real problem getting them to lay down. The paint finish looks very nice, and I like the interior as well. 

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Having built this kit and with another one in the wings, painting the stripes on is definately advisable.  They are very hard to laydown flat over the scoop and on the valences front and rear.

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The apple red is a nice replacement for rich deep reds like ferrari  and BMW red. The paint is very good but I did use a black primer, so there are several coats on this model.

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50 of the 1966 GT350h were delivered in red... It's a rare car and a nice change from the black. I never owned a mustang but have always appreciated them, especially the earlier ones.



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