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1956 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight 4 door hardtop


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Sorry, I haven't posted a model for a while as I've been busy with yard work, etc. I have  posted a few modified diecasts,however.

I have  2 of these reissue promo kits molded in white but found this one molded in the correct yellow so decided to build it instead of one of the others. My dad bought  a new 56 Olds 88 4 door sedan in these same colors when I was 5 years old. My mom picked the colors.

 Some of these reissues had quite an offset at the parting lines. The Olds and the 59 Dodge were two of them. I did a lot of filing and sanding to get rid of them. If you've built one of these you know what I'm talking about. The yellow is just polished plastic, the white is lacquer. I used Modelhaus tires and interior. It has the promo style chassis it came with but I added wheelwells to it.

The windows were a very poor fit. I cut out the side windows since I had an interior. I also had to do a lot of cutting, filing, and fitting to get the front and rear glass to fit in tight. I also added clear lenses to the chromed headlights.

I've been wanting to do this one for years and am glad to finally have it on display.

Thanks for looking. Questions and/or comments are welcomed.   -Rich

DCFC0006 (4).JPG

DCFC0002 (5).JPG

DCFC0002 (7).JPG

DCFC0003 (6).JPG

DCFC0004 (5).JPG

DCFC0005 (5).JPG

DCFC0006 (4).JPG

DCFC0007 (4).JPG

DCFC0008 (1).JPG

DCFC0015 (1).JPG

DCFC0019 (2).JPG



DCFC0026 (2).JPG

DCFC0004 (6).JPG

DCFC0011 (1).JPG

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10 hours ago, John M. said:

Real sharp looking car Rich. I saw a 59 60 Lincoln Continental of yours earlier that looked just as good. The attention to detail on both is jaw dropping.

Thanks John, I've posted 6 or 8 models over the last few weeks.

10 hours ago, Hard_2_Handle_454 said:

Looks amazing

Thank you David


7 hours ago, bisc63 said:

Big fan of the Tri-5 GM cars and 4-door hardtops, so this is really attractive to me! Nice color combo for this that handsome body. Well done.

Thanks Rusty, I like all 4 doors including wagons, and have many.


5 hours ago, Oldcarfan27 said:

Looks excellent! Johan reissue?

Thanks Patrick, yes, it's a Johan reissue.


3 hours ago, ChrisR said:

Looks great!

Thanks Chris


3 hours ago, Metalbeast said:

Looks great. 

I also have to ask what's the story with all those Avantis off to the side?

Thanks  Kevin, back in the 80's I was involved in manufacturing 1/43 white metal models as well as doing commissioned model builds. These Avantis are leftovers from a project we were working on. These are some I painted back then that I plan to finish someday. I have parts for 1-200 of these. Feel free to PM me if you want more info. -Rich


16 minutes ago, NOBLNG said:

Excellent work on this Oldsmobile Rich!👍

Thanks Greg


11 minutes ago, Tom99 said:

Very nice!!

 I appreciate it, Tom

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1 hour ago, happy grumpy said:

Really beautiful olds, right up my alley, all this hard work paid off and the color id perfect for the period. You do great justice to these old kits. Thanks for sharing them.

Mario, sorry I  got your name in the wrong place. I've been busy and haven't had as much time to post but if even one person enjoys seeing my models, I will keep showing them. Thanks for your comments.

Right now I'm finishing a Revell 1962 Imperial 4 door hardtop.  -Rich

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58 minutes ago, AMT68 said:

Beautiful example of another model I've never seen before. 


58 minutes ago, AMT68 said:

Beautiful example of another model I've never seen before. 

Thank you Tom. I tend to like the less often seen cars. That goes for my models and my 1:1's.  -Rich

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