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What's the Best Car You Ever Had?

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Hmm...I guess it would all depend on how I describe "best."


If it's best, as in most reliable and trouble-free, then that would have to be my old 93 Jeep Cherokee Sport. It had the high out put inline 4.0L, High Country package, and the ultra-rare rear mounted spare tire carrier. Over the years, it got a 3" lift and larger tires, big stereo, and lots of lighting upgrades. IPF headlights, Hella fog lights, euro-tail lights and side markers. Did a built-in radar detector and laser jammer as well. Did it work? I don't know, but I never got a ticket when driving this thing. Bought it in 98 with 40,000km on it. Drove it until 2012 when I sold it with 480,000km on it. It was a daily driver back and forth to university and work. It went camping every other weekend for years. It did two Jeep Jamborees. Had a tree fall on it with zero damage. At around 400k, I had to replace a few wear items, but it never left me stranded. Ever. The only quirk was the windshield. It ate windshields worse than any Wrangler I owned. I did a windshield a year for pretty much every year I owned it.


It's it's best, as in most fun...hmmm....you know what? Cherokee wins again. So many good times and experiences in that thing.










As for the vehicle I liked the best, the one I regret ever selling, that would be my 2018 Ram Power Wagon.





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