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Moebius 1965 Nova Gasser


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Just finished this one up. I will add some class designation decals at some point.

I started with the new Moebius '65 Nova gasser kit, but backdated a few items and put my own spin on it. I wanted it to look like a privateers car from back in the day without a lot of frill. The kit version seems like a modern take on an early gasser to me.

It's painted with Krylon Short Cuts Antique Bronze and topcoated it with Testors Extreme Laquer clear. I added a MAD distributor and used some parts box tires and front wheels (AMT '55 Nomad), the rear wheels are from one of the Moebius '65 Plymouth kits. I used a single reservoir master cylinder and some more vintage looking seats from the parts box. The kit seats seem really big and are really laid back.

The kit went together very well with the exception of the door handles...they break in 2 just removing them from the tree. Luckily I had a buddy that is building a modern pro touring style car and won't be using door handles.

Comments/questions welcome.









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Cool build Fish! I think you did a great job capturing the "no-frills guy with a day job in the sixties" look on this build.  Love the color, love the rear black steelies, love the minimal decals, love the stance. Sweet!

I feel your pain on the fractured Moebius door handles, I broke the left one on the '65 Ply I just posted and re-aligning the pieces and re-bonding them together  using CA was an exercise in micro jewelry making.  It look's ok from 18" away.....

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Scott....really nicely done.  I particularly like the paint detailing in the engine compartment, showing your meticulous attention to detail. 

While the kit was intentionally designed to the modern idiom of Gasser content, like you I think many others are taking the opportunity to "backdate" the kit to mid 1960's A/FX and match race style themes.    TIM   

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Thank you for the comment on the door handles.  Check mine out on the Altered Wheelbase Fun thread.  I broke two sets of door handles trying to remove them from the tree.  Very cool build btw.

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Nicely done and I like your simple look. I'm gonna take some ideas from your pictures whenever I get my kit delivered. Thanks for showing us your model and explaining what you've done.

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