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1927 T Roadster Pickup/Traditional Hot Rod Style

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DSC 0597

This is a 1927 Model T Roadster Pickup kitbash sitting atop a highboy frame sourced from the Revell 1932 Ford kit series.

The frame had to be narrowed to fit the Model T body. The body itself and the interior was based on a resin kit from Tim King (Tim's Resin Rods) out in the SFO/Bay Area.   

The engine came from the first issue of the Monogram 1950 Ford Custom Pickup. It was supposedly an Ardun V8 but without the correct cylinder heads or exhaust port spacing. I substituted the Ford finned cylinder heads from the aftermarket, along with the correct exhaust headers from Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland.   The grille insert also came from the aftermarket.  

The model was completed about 20 years ago and was a buildup feature in one of the Scale Auto Contest Annual specials. (Note that out of simplicity in the article, the rear end layout was not backdated to a transverse leaf/Halibrand Quick Change configuration.) 

The wood bed side extensions are a more recent addition, with the "So-Cal" livery coming from the model car decal aftermarket.

DSC 0610

Can't help but think how better this one would look with a set of Tim Slesak's hand laced hot rod wire wheels (which you can see in Tim's post in the Dennis Lacy "Tribute" thread with over 30,000 views in the PIckups....WIP folder in this forum....  Also, some of these images show some tape over the front headlamps that started to come off, a leftover from some late tweaks to make this one comply to the requirements and the associated NNL Nationals Cult Theme of about five years ago... 

Thanks for looking.  Many more photos follow....TIM 

DSC 0598

DSC 0599

DSC 0600

DSC 0601

DSC 0603

DSC 0604

DSC 0605

DSC 0607

DSC 0609

DSC 0596

DSC 0608

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Beautiful and still looks fresh. The two things I like the best are the wider rear wheels and the side boards on the bed. I have trid this on a couple of older ventage pick ups and think it really adds to the overall look. 

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Very cool little hot rod Tim!  I need to set aside some time to take a deep dive into your Fotki files and reacquaint myself with all of the waaaay cool rods and other builds you have done.  I know many of them will be familiar, and some like this one will be new to me.  (Remember, there was a dark period for me of about thirty years or so when I got away from the hobby)

I love the finned flatheads!  Where do you get your beehive oil filters!  I’ve noticed them on other rods of yours.  Are they the R&M ones?  Thanks for your very gracious comments about my wheels.  They’re really fairly simple with a jig.  
30,000 views doesn’t sound like a lot to me.  Heck, just get 29 other guys like me, good for a thousand looks a piece and we’re there.  

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Posted (edited)

Thanks, guys for all the cool comments.   Interesting that several of you commented about the pickup side boards.  Those were a late addition (at least 10-12 years after the model was originally completed).  I like sideboards for my rod-based pickups as they add visual interest, and as Riley noted, in this case the decal echoes the other color applications elsewhere on the model.   I also think they visually offset the otherwise spindly look of model T pickups where most of the bed resides rearward of the rear axle.  

Tim....those ribbed oil filters were in a number of kits, as well as aftermarket including both resin and turned aluminum parts.  The particular one used here is somewhat unusual as it was mounted to the engine cylinder head as opposed to mounted to the firewall as in most applications.  I don't recall specifically where this one came from but perhaps it was the Monogram '50 Ford F1 pickup custom kit version. 

As for the 35k+ views of the "Tribute" thread, I think it relates to the interesting inspiration and approach Dennis took for his 1980's themed pickup build, and how well that resonated with the readers of this forum, some of whom then jumped in with their own builds of a similar nature.   As for the number of those forum views, I also understand that has attracted the attention of the forum Mods, and that this may not be quite the end of the story on this particular subject (yes, that is a hint of what might be coming down the road - time will tell!) 


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