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Gemera coming too. Terrify 3 friends and keep EVs in their place, governed to 150 due to road-hugging weight. Love these things. 
Their valvetrain stuff is killer for guys like us Bill. 

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Neat idea. Long term reliability would be my biggest concern, but if they can engineer the valves and valve seals to be swapped out with just a few common tools and without having to take 30 parts off to reach them, then it’s hard to see a major downside to that concept. 

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Remarkable how far Koenigsegg has come in the past 20 years. And yet the basic body design of the original CS8, with its low wraparound windscreen and cab-forward proportions,  continues on to this day. For this reason for many years I tended to think of Koenigegg as sort of a kit car. But if you look back to even the earliest cars, Christian Koenigsegg went to great lengths to re-engineer as much of his cars as money and experience would allow. Today his company is a technology leader, perhaps earning as much from a steady stream of patents as the motor car business.

20 hours ago, keyser said:

Jesko and other Koenigsegg have a 2L 3 cylinder engine. Camless. 


The Jesko and the Regera, both two-seaters in the classic Koenigegg mode, are powered by conventional turbocharged V-8s. The Regera, the third of Koenigsegg's current 3-car lineup, is a pillarless 4 seater (their first ever 4 seater). It's a radical departure from their previous cars, Koenigsegg's first hybrid with in-house designed high-output, lightweight compact electric motors driving all four wheels and the radical Freevalve turbocharged camless 3-cylinder motor. Camless 4-cycle internal combustion motors have been around for awhile. Renault ran them on their F1 V6's starting around 2002-2003, applying for a patent in  2003 on their electro-pneumatic system which was granted to them in 2005. The Freevalve system is similar in concept - Christian Koenigsegg is Charman and CEO of Freevavlve, Although camless technology has been used in F1 for more than 15 years, and camless 4-cycle motors exist in marine and industrial applications, the Gemera will probably prove to be the first application in a production motor car.

It's also interesting to contrast Christian Koenigsegg's hands-on involvement and encyclopedic knowledge of every detail of his operation to the elusive mystery of Horatio Pagani or the Chapman-esque Britannic nostalgia that infuses the work of Gordon Murray. Each of them, although dyed-in-the-wool engineers everyone, seems to get to the same place from radically different directions.

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Gemera is the 4 seater. It has the 3cyl. Imminent production, joining Jesko and Regera  

The CC8S, CCGT, CCX, One:1, Regera, and Jesko all have TT V8’s, you’re correct. I need to proofread better. 
Regera is hybrid also  

Jesko available with 20/21” composite wheels that have hollow spokes, weigh 13# front, 17# in rear. Insane for huge wheels. Koenigsegg does fascinating suspension tech, composite fab, and engines. 

Cars initially were frumpy, had, umm, exciting handling. They got better. Waaaay better.





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