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1969 camaro street machine

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hi francis ,hi michel.i have been a little quiet.have a little time today,to lazy to do any work.here is a few more rear suspension pictures and the beginning of the front suspension parts. i am have been making the lower ball and a-arms. also modifying the front frme so it looks more like the real thing . i have also taken make various sizes and shapes of material from 2 part polyurethane to make parts. cast them in shapes and sizes, and machine them. you don't need alot of sizes in stock and not as much waste ,just cast what you need. final wheel offset for the rears.











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Fantastic looking work so far! Those Keystones are spot on and look great in the tires! It’s not something I want to do myself, but I really enjoy watching you all who make these parts from different metals. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

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hi doyle , ian and trevor.i am glad people are looking at my project.thanks for all the comments,glad to hear from you all.working on the front subframe and front a-arms. the lowers are looking and fitting pretty good. getting the holes drilled in the subframe to line up and in the proper location was tricky.  i am working on the uppers and they have a major curve in them so i have been working on one practice piece to decide on the order of the many steps. i think i have a good understanding of what order it will take. i will finish one in the next week. after the spindles are made i can make the shocks to the proper length and set the offset on the front wheels.

20220815_110409 (1).jpg







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hello edgar and james thanks for your comments,very nice to hear from you. got a few new pictures to share. still making front suspension parts. making the ball joints and upper a arms has been time consuming. the car was mostly stock so i am sticking with that theme.the car at various times with various engines while i owned it was painted 3 different colors white, dark metalic blue,with a smallblock and dark metalic brown with a bigblock.always 4 speed. it was not a z28 .i have nat decided on the engine yet, that will decide the color. leaning towards the bigblock because i have not made one of those yet and i liked the brown metalic.








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