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Otaki Lamborghini LP400 1/12

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Bought this over 35 years ago so I've decided to have a go at it. Thought you might find it interesting.

So far it has been exceptional as far as fit and detail goes. Really enjoying it. After all this time the body seems straight and the doors and panels look good but it may be different when the body is mounted on the chassis.... We'll see


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I started to rebuild mine as well, I did build it back in the 80s but very poorly, so I dis-assembled it and am having another go at it, this time much better.

It is a very cool kit! I must admit that I've stalled but here's my engine, so much fun adding details and there are plenty of great pictures of the real thing on Google.

Keep posting your progress please, I am a great fan of the early Countach, especially the LP400, low-body. (Lamborghini actually added about 2 inches in body height after the first run)

This kit depicts that low-body version with the "periscope" rear view mirror looking out above the roof, very cool!


IMG_0527 (Large).JPG

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Posted (edited)

About 25 years ago I had and built the other version of this kit:  LP500S.  The one which included wheel well flares, rear wing, front spoiler, and 5-hole gold plated wheels (which I painted silver).  it is a very nice kit. Lots of details, and working suspension.  I built it box-stock. Here is mine (photo taken right after I built it in the '90s).



Brian, yours is coming along nicely.

Dennis, I love the added-on details and decals, and I like the way you made those black wire looms.

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I lucked out, someone in the auto club recently asked if I wanted to buy kits he had, one was the LP 500S.  I looked at the instructions, the suspension is moveable, so I'm curious how one assembles the hubs without having noticeable seams.  Will be checking in when I can.

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Thanks. The wheels may get a yellow pin stripe but I'll wait until the body is painted and fitted to decide. Body will be Tamiya yellow as was the prototype.


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