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Post your truck mockups.

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On 11/20/2022 at 11:20 AM, Chevy II said:

That is one sweet 40. Setting perfect and love the wheels. Are those 3D printed?

Thanks, Yep yep resin 3d printed. From jaysresinwheels1948 on ebay

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On 12/9/2022 at 2:02 PM, Kit Karson said:

OK! It's down to two: long bed w/o hood or short bed w/o hood


"long bed w/o hood"


"short bed w/o hood" 

I agree with @redscampi I like the long bed with the length of the cab.

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1 hour ago, Chevy II said:

How do you guys old your models together when you’re mocking them up?

I learned to use good old Elmers's glue from this board. Sometimes that tacky stick stuff for hanging posters. Sometimes they will stay together for the picture.

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On 12/10/2022 at 2:11 AM, Russell C said:

Dunno. Did my own bit of photo-altering to see what more open space behind a really short version would look like, and then a bit less so, like your cropped image. I'm still leaning toward the longest version ....




@Russell CWOW! Now that is a gig that I have yet to master!  Photo-Shop is a very valuable tool, Brother!  At this point moving the front axle forward of the grille was also a consideration:


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14 hours ago, Kit Karson said:

@Russell C... that is a gig that I have yet to master!  ... moving the front axle forward of the grille was also a consideration ...

Cost me a bundle to go through graphic arts school back in the day, always need to keep my hand in it. Sooner than later, I need to start my own permanent retirement career of doing basic inexpensive concept photo alterations like this, along with decal replication/creation, photo etch artwork, and even 3D parts artwork. I'll drive off that bridge when I get to it ....

Yep, farther forward front axle looks great!

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In the end, this will be part car and part truck so I'll post it in this thread. I've been amassing parts for this build for a better part of the past year. Now I have just about everything to build a 1/16 '55 Nomad 4x4. I got the rears and suspension from a 1/16 Revell Chevy pickup and the wheels/tires are 1/18 from ACME.



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